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Comprehensive Financial Plan

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” 

- Benjamin Franklin

Stop worrying about your financial life! Engage with a financial professional to receive unbiased advice through a comprehensive financial plan.  This holistic plan covers all elements of your financial life through a simple 4-step process.  

Step 1 - Find Your Why
Image by Joshua Lanzarini

The first step in the planning process is developing your ‘Why’ factor. This will serve as the motivation for every aspect of your plan. You will complete two exercises (Financial Perspectives & Find Your Why surveys) followed by a 60-minute meeting to discuss your results and begin working your dreams into your plan.

Image by おにぎり
Step 2 - Financial Baseline

The second step is gathering your current financial data.  A Document Checklist will be provided to help gather all pertinent information.  Right Capital (financial planning software) will be used to securely link accounts or upload documents for evaluation. Another meeting (60-90 minutes) will be held to confirm initial data inputs.

Step 3 - Invest & Budget
Image by Charles Chen

For the third step, you will complete an Investor Profile survey to determine your risk tolerance and attitudes toward investing. We will dive into your budget with tips and tricks you may not have considered before. We will have a 60-90 minute meeting to review your investments and budget as well as provide some education on these items.

Image by Todd Quackenbush
Step 4 - Plan Review

During the fourth step, Five will analyze your current financial situation and determine appropriate recommendations. A final 60-90 minute meeting will be held to review your Financial Plan, Summary, and Implementation Guide.

Fee: $2,000 - $3,000

Fees vary based on complexity and estimated time to completion. Contact Five for a direct quote.  See ADV Part 2 for more details.

Ready to get started?

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