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About Spencer Stephens, CFP®, MS

Hi, my name is Spencer!

I have been in the financial services industry for over a decade. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with a Master's Degree in Finance and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. I love what I do!


I take pride in being able to offer an industry-leading approach to investment management by capping my fees. Working with a CFP® professional is valuable, but should you pay endless amounts for their services? By capping investment management fees, you keep more in your pocket without sacrificing the professional service you deserve.

When I was looking for a job after completing my degree, I started interviewing with all the financial advisories I could find and met many great advisors along the way. However, I was shocked by the business model of their firms! 

Each firm focused on selling very expensive insurance products that most people don't need and very expensive investments that don't perform well over time. I kept asking questions like, “Why can't your clients have simple and affordable term life policies?” and “Why can’t your clients invest in lower-cost investments?” These questions produced essentially the same answer, "Because I wouldn't make as much money.

Spencer Stephens Headshot
Stephens Family

I love helping people with their finances but the rampant conflicts of interest were a deal breaker for me. I knew how these unnecessarily high fees ate away at people’s money and that impacts their dreams. So I started my fee-only firm to help people more holistically.

I have been married to my high school sweetheart for over a decade and together we have five incredible children. I love learning new things, reading, watching movies/TV shows, eating good food, and going to the beach. I hope to write some books someday and become a certified paragliding pilot. I enjoy life and laugh along the way.

I believe that working with an independent, fee-only, CFP® professional like me is one of the best ways to achieve financial success, find peace of mind, and live your dreams. 


Let me show you how. 

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